Zero Negativity…Positive Attitude Only!

“Only listen to people who are where you wanna be.” Tim Guest, Managing Director, InfiniteWealth Australia.

We all have goals we need to achieve in life. What if I told you that the easiest way, not necessarily the only, way to achieve your goals is to avoid negativity of any kind. Would you agree?

Here is a fact. Out of all things you’ll ever do, none of them will be perfect, and negative people tend to only focus on the “imperfect” parts.

Grant Cardone, Sales Training guru, Motivational Speaker, and Author of several New York Times best selling books. A guy wrote and told him: “Man you’ve got misspelled words in that book…and bad grammar too!” Dude, what’s your point, why are you telling me this? Cardone, replied. The guy said, you’ve got misspelled words in a book.

It’s a best seller bitch…it ain’t the best written (Cardone). (by the way, the b-word here refers to a whinger and/or complainer:-))

Stay Positive…Make it Happen


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