The Job Interview for your next Job. Try this

Fact: The employer who put a job ad online (or on any other form of media) is as desperate to finding the next right person as you are to finding the next right job.

Most of the times job seekers tend to think that because they need the job, they are in a position to only listen and impress the employer. We need to change this thinking. By default, a job interview should be a negotiation (not an interview). This way, the person who manages to sell the other, becomes a winner.

If you want to win the job, you must sell; or you’ll be sold reasons why someone else won it.

Next time you have a job interview, try this. Turn the interview around, make it a negotiation, and intelligently, make her want to impress you rather than you impressing her. I guarantee you, the job will be yours.

Don’t impress your potential employer. Make them impress you.


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